A 17-year-old kid from a small town in Sri Lanka called Kandy started a dropshipping business like everyone else. After 3 months of trying different things and testing numerous products, his eCommerce store finally started to bring in a decent amount of revenue. Things were starting to look good and he was excited to make a few hundred dollars online.

The joy didn’t last long. His business revenue was frozen by a payment gateway provider asking for verification and business registration to continue. Growing up in a rural area in a 3rd world country, the kid had no clue. All his hard work turned into ashes in less than 7 days.

But it did not end there. Little he knew it was just the beginning

Ashan Mohammed

Hi 🙋‍♂️
I am Ashan. The kid from Kandy who is now a cookie. When my little eCommerce store was shut down, I turned to Upwork to find freelance clients to continue my hustle. This time helping other eCommerce businesses grow. 

The best part, I didn’t have to worry about payment gateways holding my revenue or having to have a business registration.

My first gig was to manage Facebook and Instagram pages for a business in The USA. One client brought in another and another and another. In less than 3 months I was managing social media pages of 4 businesses in different niches.

Managing and growing social media pages and communities online was so much fun at that time. The gig lasted for almost 2 years.

Someone approached me to run Facebook ads for their ecom storeAlthough I made some profits running Facebook ads for my store. I was no way an expert in the subject. The only reason I took the challenge was that the client who approached me was negative with their ads. As someone who at least made a few dimes profit running ads. I was confident that I could at least help him Break-even. Guess what “add me to your business manager and I will start the work ASAP” is the message I sent him. 

A month running their Facebook ads. We just didn’t break even. We managed to bring in profit. Around 2.5 Return on ad spend. All thanks to YouTube, Google, and generous people giving advice online. The store owner is happy, I am happy and Upwork is happy. 

Woah, I was getting addicted to that cha-Ching notification sound from Shopify. We were generating a few hundred dollars in sales every day. I was thinking I was helping the business make the most out of online advertising. But again my inner satisfaction didn’t last long. Someone posted a screenshot of their daily eCom sales generated with Facebook ads. Whaaaat? It was more than $10,000 in sales every single fishing day. Is it even possible? 

After several hours googling for eCommerce success stories made with facebook ads. I started to realize the possibilities of online advertising. At that moment i found my one thing.

“I do one thing and i do that really well. I help eCommerce businesses scale rapidly with the right social media marketing campaigns and strategies”

Over the years, i have managed more than $1.5 Million in facebook ad spend for my client businesses and generated over $4.5 Million in sales just with facebook and instagram ads.

I not only built myself up, i also built a team of Marketers, Designers and Copywriters who help me to help you build your eCommerce business. Now this team took 2 years to form and train.

So you’re working with a fully fledged team who loves scaling businesses from ground up. 

Few more reason why me and my team will be your perfect growth partners:

  • Over $1.5M in facebook ad spend.
  • $4.5M + Sales Generated for Clients.
  • Someone with a dedicated Ad Rep Assigned by Facebook.
  • Experts in Re-Marketing Funnels and Upsells to increase your AOV & ROI.
  • Dedicated to helping eCommerce businesses with more than 6 Years Experience as of 2021.
If you’re ready for a partner who built themselves on Clients success, who can x3-7 Your online sales in a very short time, and who will be part of your team to help you achieve your business goals. Click below to schedule a Free Discovery call with me. Let’s see if we are a good fit for each other.
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