Best 30 Countries for Dropshipping in 2022 outside USA

best 30 countries for dropshipping

What are the best countries for dropshipping outside the united states, and why should you even consider dropshipping to other countries in the first place?

Dropshipping is getting competitive day by day. With more and more people being introduced to this hot business model, the amount of money spent on Facebook & Instagram Ads for eCommerce has hit a record high in 2020 and the first quarter of 2021.

According to a study, ⅓ of all eCommerce stores in the world are in the United States. If you’re going to add all the online stores selling to the United States, that number will jump even higher.

More Store means, Increase in Competition selling to the United States.

Increased Competition means, More $$ spent on Advertising.

More Ad Spend means, High CPM with Facebook Ads. 

Today, almost all dropshipping businesses out there are built with Facebook ads.

With the increase in Facebook ad costs, for a few, it is the end of dropshipping. 

But is dropshipping dead for you? Not until you’re smart enough to evolve and catch the new waves and trends.

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Why You Need to Start Dropshipping Outside the United States

Projected eCommerce Sales - Best countries for dropshipping - statista

If you have been running Facebook ads for a while now, you might know how much the CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) has increased over the years.

The amount we used to reach 10,000 people with Facebook ads will only reach 2000 or fewer people now.

The reason, increase in competition. 

Facebook is an auction platform for advertisers. With hundreds and thousands of advertisers bidding to show their ads to the same group of people.

Facebook decides to give that opportunity to the advertiser who paid them the most money.

We all know how auctions work. If the number of bidders rises, the price of the product also goes up.

While some eCommerce businesses can cope with increasing ad costs, not many dropshippers will survive fighting with these giants.

So Ashan, is dropshipping dead? I am glad you asked.

If you’re here reading this. You know the problem is the increase in competition, not anything else.

So the solution, Fishing in the untapped waters.

Yes, the united states have the highest online purchase power. But It’s not the only country that has access to the internet or does shopping online. 

If you’re an ecommerce store owner or a dropshipper who only sells in the united states, you need to hear this.

There is a lot of money to be made for your products outside America.

We did our research to list down all the best countries for dropshipping or eCommerce in general. So you can start selling outside the United States right away.

How to Choose a Country to Dropship to

How to Choose a Country to do Dropshipping? You will get your answer if you ask another couple of questions.

Who will pay to buy my products?

And can I deliver my products to them?

If you say yes to both of these questions, you have your list of countries you can start dropshipping to.

Today, We will add more parts to those questions to give you a more detailed guide to choosing your target countries. 

Here are 5 more things to consider or questions to ask when choosing your target market.

Fastest Shipping Methods Available.

fast delivery for ecommerce

Whether your customers are in North America or Asia, they expect you to deliver their order as quickly as possible. 

Shipping is an important factor to consider when choosing a country to dropship to. As an eCommerce business owner, failing to deliver your products on time might bring you more headaches than anything else in this business.

So ask yourself, can I deliver the packages to my customers in this country on or before the delivery time I promised?

Does the fastest shipping couriers used for dropshipping support this country?

If yes, this first box can be ticked.

Here is a list of all the countries ePacket supports (The shipping method loved by dropshippers).

Discretionary Income

Median household income - best countries for dropshipping

Discretionary income is the amount of money a person has to invest, save or spend after his/her necessities are paid. 

There are many countries whose currencies are way better than the US dollar.

In some countries, households have a better annual income. 

But it doesn’t mean all these countries should be targeted.

Some countries might have a household income of $100,000, but their discretionary income will be below par.

Ticking this box depends on the pricing of your product.

If you think the new country you’re expanding into has a pool of customers who can afford it. Then you can tick this with confidence.

eCommerce Spend

ecommerce spend by best countries for dropshipping

Some prefer going to the local retail shops and experiencing the product before buying.

Some others prefer seeing the product or having it delivered before paying (Cash on Delivery).

Others Prefer Shopping online in the comforts of their home.

Different people, different preferences.

As a dropshipper, you want to see which countries contain the most people who fall into this third category and how much they spend online.

English speaking Population

global english speakers

This doesn’t need any explanation. If your store is in English and your target market is English speakers, look for countries with a high English-speaking population.

If you’re targeting other languages, then see if your target country speaks that language.

Social Media Usage

social media penetration by countries

We are going to use Facebook or other social media platforms to reach our customers.

If your target country is not a fan of the platform you’re going to advertise. 

Then there is no point in adding that to our list. 

Some apps are popular in some countries.

For example, people in Asia prefer TikTok over Snapchat.

Some countries in Europe love Snapchat over TikTok. 

See which platform your target market loves. If you can use that platform to reach them, Then let’s tick this box. 

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List of 30 Best Countries for Dropshipping with Facebook Ads

We asked the questions on your behalf and created this list of the 30 best countries for dropshipping.

These 30 countries are handpicked with the above-discussed factors in mind and then ranked by their annual eCommerce spend. source

01. United States

The first two in this list of the 30 best countries for dropshipping won’t be a surprise for you. First on the list is of course the United States.

You don’t need to know any number to know the power of this market.

But for the sake of this list, let me show you some numbers.

The country with 328 million people, 78.1% English speakers, and 82% social media users spent $900 billion online (yes, only $100M short of $1 Trillion) for 2020.

This growth is not stopping anytime soon. 

02. United Kingdom

The 66 million united kingdom population spent 141.33 billion euros or $180 billion US dollars online last year. Becoming the second biggest market for eCommerce.

Known as the English country, 98% of the population speaks English (I know, I don’t have to mention this), and 53 million actively use social media. No doubt ePacket is delivering to this country.

03. Japan

Japan stands for quality. In fact, for some, Japan means quality.

So if you’re a dropshipper who takes product quality seriously, then you should definitely try selling to this market.

Japan has continuously ranked in the top 5 countries for eCommerce. With 126 million, 30% speak English, and 74.3% are on social media. ePacket is available here.

04. Germany

If you have the quality, you can get customers from this country. The eCommerce market in Germany is worth 53.3 billion euros in 2019.

With a population of 83 million, 56% speak English. The number of active social media users in Germany is more than 66 million.

The discretionary income per household in this country is approximately 66,000 €. ePacket? Yep.

05. France

eCommerce in France is responsible for 4.27% of the countries economy in 2019. That’s the size of opportunity you have in France as an eCommerce Business Owner.

With a population of 67 million people and 49.6 Million of those actively using social media. The main barrier to entry is that only 39% of France’s population are English speakers. 

If you have a language advantage running an eCommerce store in french or a Native french speaker who knows how to reach the french people with your products. Then only the sky is the limit on what you can achieve in this untapped market.

ePacket and other fast shipping companies deliver here.

06. Canada

Canada is just below the United States for the most targeted countries for dropshipping.

eCommerce in Canada is growing rapidly, and there is still so much opportunity untapped in Canada.

A $30B was spent online last year by the country with a population of 35 Million. That’s almost $1B spent for every 1 million Canadians.

75.4% of Canadians speak English, and 9 out of 10 people are active on social media.

The Canadian household income is increasing by 3.8 every year, surpassing the growth of the United States. ePacket? Yep!

07. South Korea

South Korea is the 7th biggest eCommerce market globally (8th if we include China) with a spend of more than $60 billion last year.

43% of the South Koreans out of their 51 million population speaks English, and 85% of the south Koreans use social media.

08. Russia

Russia has the biggest population on this list after the United States.  With a population of 144 million people and a large number of them using social media every day. This country spent $24 billion in ecommerce sales last year.

ePacket is the best, fastest, and the affordable shipping method available to Russia from China.

09. Spain

Spain has a population of 47 million people, and 28% of them speak English. The 37.4 million social media users spent a sum of 28 billion euros online in 2018. 

ePacket shipping available to this country.

10. Italy

Italy is famous for luxury goods and high ticket items.

Even though only 29% of the population here speaks English, it is still a big market with 66 million people.

The 41 million social media users spent a huge $30.5 billion online in 2020.

11. Australia

Australia has a population of 22 Million+ people, all speaking English. Facebook being their favorite platform to connect with friends and family. Around 71% of them use Facebook every day, followed by Instagram and WhatsApp.

Since all these top 3 apps used in Australia come under the facebook family, Australia is an ecommerce heaven for Facebook Advertisers.

Almost all the top shipping couriers deliver to Australia, including ePacket.

In the year 2020, Australians spent a whopping $50B shopping online. The total estimated household discretionary value in Australia is $515B. 

The only concern is that Australians prefer buying products from local brands. Having a domain makes a big difference when selling to this Island.

12. the Netherlands

Dutch consumers spent $28 billion online last year. With a population of more than 17 million people, 93% of them speak English.

With $28 billion online spend last year, there is no doubt of ePacket delivering to this country. 

Here is the number you want to know as a social media marketer. There are 11 million + social media users here.

13. Denmark

The average annual online spending per person in Denmark is 3,567 €.

Denmark has a population of 5.6 million people, and 4.8 million uses social media. 86% of the population speaks English and ePacket? Yep.

14. Sweden

Sweden is another country from the list of countries where ePacket shipping is available.

The 10.23 million Swedish population has 80% English speakers and 8.2 million social media users.

This country saw 14.9 billion euros in eCommerce sales last year.

15. Turkey

The 82 million Turkey market can’t be left out of this list.

With 60 million-plus social media users and 17% English speakers, the country saw an increase in eCommerce sales last year with an expected growth of 65% this year.

ePacket? Yep.

16. Hong Kong

Hongkong has the fastest shipping time from China. The Chinese government administrates this country. It is the 7th country that had the most online transactions (eCommerce) last year.

Around 7.5 million people live here, and around 6.2 million uses social media.

The only roadblock to entering this ecommerce market is that only 3% of the Hongkong population speaks English. 

Hongkong made this list of top 30 countries for dropshipping for its eCommerce sales volume, taking 7th place in the global eCommerce charts.

17. Switzerland

The social media users in Switzerland are more than 80% of their 8.5 million population.

Spending 10 billion swiss francs online in 2019. The 40% of English speakers in Switzerland are your untapped market to explore.

18. Norway

90% of the 5.3 million population in Norway speaks English, and 86% uses social media.

Last year this country spent $15.8 billion buying things online and expected to grow by 30% from 2017 to 2021. ePacket, Yep!

19. Belgium

38% of the people in Belgium speak English from the 11.6 Million population.

65% of the people in Belgium are reported to be very active on social media.

For some people, these numbers may sound very small compared with other big countries.

But wait for this! eCommerce in Belgium is worth 11 Billion euros in 2021, and the countries discretionary income is 92,777€ as of 2021. Epacket, Yes, it’s available.

20. Finland

The biggest player in the Finland eCommerce market alone brought in a revenue of US$367 million in 2021.

Finland is populated with 5.5 million people as of 2019, and 70% of those speak English. 

70% of the people in Finland love social media, and it is really an untapped market.

ePacket available in Finland? You guessed it, A big YES.

21. Austria

With around 9 million people, 7.21 Million use social media, and 73% speak English.

eCommerce accounts for 13% of all retail sales in Austria. This European country has $38,000 in discretionary income per capita.

ePacket shipping is also supported for this country.

22. Poland

The next one in our list of the top 30 countries for dropshipping is Poland.

This European territory is no second to any of its neighbors when it comes to eCommerce spending. eCommerce accounts for 8% of the countries retail sales. 

40% of the 38 million Poland population speak English, and 54% of the adult population in Poland uses social media.

ePacket is the best shipping courier to reach Poland.

23. the United Arab Emirates

Now this country is special. UAE has been my home for the past 2 years, and I have seen a massive increase in eCommerce sales year after year.

With a population of almost 10 million people, 75% here speak English.

The eCommerce industry in UAE has a 23% growth rate every year, worth $23 billion in 2020. 

Around 99% of the population here uses social media, and COD is the best way to sell in this country. 

24. Israel

A population of close to 10 million people and 85% of those speaking English.

Facebook is the most used social media app in Israel with 43% of the population having a Facebook profile.

ePacket and all the major shipping companies deliver here.

25. Singapore

Small in size, but high in spending. Singapore can’t be left out of this list even if we restrict it to the top 10 countries.

With a population of 5.7 million, 37% speak English, and 5.3 million people use social media daily. 

Singaporeans spent $4.9 billion online in 2020 and are expected to grow by 8.83% in 2021.

ePacket is the fastest and cheapest way to deliver your packages here.

26. Malaysia

I have personally advertised to Malaysia and was able to get a minimum of 6 times return on ad spend every time I spent a dollar there. 

This country has a population of 31 million people who spent over $3 billion last year online.

57% of the Malaysians speak English, and 86% uses social media. ePacket also delivers to this Asian country.

Ad costs are very cheap for Malaysia, and it’s up to you to decide how much you can sell here.

27. New Zealand

Just below Australia geographically, New Zealanders don’t hesitate when it comes to online shopping. 

This island has just below 5 million people, and more than 95% of them speak English.

82% of the people in New Zealand use social media every day and made over $3B worth of online transactions last year.

28. Hungary

A Population of 9.7 Million people and 1.6 Million speaks English.

With the growth of social media to 7.2 Million users, Hungary saw a 17% increase in its eCommerce sales last year.

The Popular ePacket shipping is also available for this country.

29. Luxembourg

Little known in the eCommerce world, Luxemburg has a small population of 600,000+ people, out of which 80% speak English.

Despite its small population, This countries eCommerce sales in 2018 surpassed $800 million. Luxemburg tops the table of countries with the highest discretionary income per capita.

If you have ever thought of finding a market and owning it, Luxemburg might be your place. ePacket is available here.

30. Ireland

This island in Europe, just next to Great Britain, has 4.9 million people, and 99% speak English.

The avid social media user in Ireland is 77%, who spent over half a billion euros shopping online last year. 

With all the top shipping couriers delivering to this country and a high ecommerce spend, Ireland is often excluded from a dropshippers targeted country list which makes this island really an untapped market for you to explore.

How to Expand your Targeting with Facebook Ads the Right Way.

targeting expansion to different countries

If you’re just starting to test new products or in the early stages of scaling. Don’t expand just yet. Wait until you own a market.

Another mistake newbies make is selling everywhere when testing a product or in the initial stages of scaling it. 

If you’re in the testing phase, prove your product in one market.

For this, your best bet will be targeting the United States or locally in your country. 

Different countries or, in other words, different target markets, have different reactions to a product.

So it is always a good idea to test in one market and expand it from there when scaling. 

If you’re in the scaling phase trying to make the most out of a product. Wait until your product has a saturation of at least 50% on your first targeted country.

And then expand to other countries—one country at a time. 

For better campaign structure and results with Facebook ads when expanding to other countries, Place each country inside its own campaign or at least its own ad sets.

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Final Thoughts

The beauty of eCommerce is that it doesn’t have any boundaries to trade. Someone from Arizona can shop from a seller who is in Tokyo without any restrictions. 

While eCommerce gives us this luxury and freedom to buy and sell without any borders.

Sticking to just the united states to sell your products doesn’t make sense. 

Yes, the USA has a high spending habit online. But it doesn’t make people from the neighboring countries any lesser.

With the right kind of marketing strategies, messaging, and showcases, you can acquire customers from anywhere in this world. Anywhere!

Now we have a list of the top 30 countries you can start drop shipping to. Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments.

If you have any questions whatsoever, I will be waiting for you in the comments section below.

Happy Selling Globally, Everyone 🙂

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