What it Takes to Build a 6 Figure eCommerce Business

what it takes to build a 6 figure ecommerce business - kandycookie

Launching an eCommerce Business is easier than ever, but building it into a 6 figure business takes time, commitment, and systems. Most of all, it needs proper planning and a solid business strategy.

Many factors determine a store’s success—most of those changes from business to business and industry to industry. 

But only a few of those are constant for every business. If you ask 100 successful eCommerce business owners for their advice, 99% of those will be around these topics. 

The remaining 1% maybe got lucky creating their business.

So what are those things that determine a store’s success?

“Drum Roll Please” 

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Choose Your Platform

multiple social media platforms

Choose your platform to start and focus on building your brand there. You don’t have to be on every social media platform or site out there. This is one of the biggest mistakes newbies make. 

I know people with 0 Sales have their business pages all over the internet. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, Linkedin, Youtube, Snapchat, TikTok, and Trust Pilot. 

Isn’t it good to be everywhere? Nope, Because being active and posting quality content is more important than being everywhere with just a profile picture and link to your site looking like a scammer.

Facebook and Instagram ads are not direct response marketing anymore. People don’t just click on your link and buy. more than 30% of them visit your social media pages, search for your brand on Google, and do a background check before buying anything from your store. 

If you’re selling a high ticket item, this happens with more than 90% of your customers.

We can’t blame them at all with more and more people starting a dropshipping store and closing them after a few sales. Your customer wants you to be active. You should look and sound like a real deal to them.

Creating Trust & Building a Brand

creating trust and building a brand

Start with your Facebook and Instagram pages. Spend some money running a page-like campaign and get you some followers.

Make use of Instagram stories to post reviews and show them your work. Add a bio and complete your presence.

If you have some existing customers, create a Trust Pilot page and ask them to leave a review. You can also add a trust pilot widget to showcase the reviews on your site.

This is 10x more trustable than importing some random reviews from Aliexpress.

Create your Privacy Policy, About us, Contact us, Terms and Conditions, and Shipping & Returns policy pages. Make those easily accessible to your customers by adding them to your main navigation menu.

Don’t have Reviews? Double-check and import reviews from Aliexpress, Amazon, or other platforms (For Dropshippers).

Something is better than nothing.

Tell them how secure your website is, The payment gateways you support, and the 30 days return or money back policies you have.

Customer Experience

This goes from your site loading speed, what’s on your menu, Color of your Add to Cart buttons, your checkout flow, all the way to pre and post-purchase customer support. 

The only way to do this correctly is to test things or copy some big names in your niche and model after them. 

My Advice for Better Customer Experience

  • Personalize

persolise to grow your brand

Personalizing your product, message and experience will not only improve the conversion but also drive customer loyalty. 

Use the data to understand your target audience better and treat them just like someone you know personally. 

Personalization can be achieved by making some simple tweaks to your marketing campaigns and your store. 

Addressing your customers by their first name on your emails, having a currency converter to show the prices in your customer’s local currency (if you’re selling globally), etc… 

  • Improve Loading Speed

Research shows us that your online store load speed greatly impacts your stores’ conversion rate. 

According to a Hubspot study, the first 5 seconds of your load time has the highest impact on your conversion. Each additional second it takes for your site to load, the conversion drops by 4.42%.

So it’s time for us to take the speed of our stores seriously and make necessary optimization to improve it.

  • Offer Upsells

People want more, and it’s a never-ending desire. Show your customer-related products and plant your brand as a one-stop-shop in your niche (unless you run a one-product store).

Don’t just throw random related products to your customers. Show them products that compliment each other.

  • Give away special discounts.

What better way to win someone over than giving? Whether it’s love or discount, always have something to give out.

This can be a discount on their first order, a cart discount when they buy 2 or more, and a post-purchase special discount to bring that customer back to your store for more shopping.

  • Make your site responsive.

Whether you like it not, 95% of your customers are going to shop on their mobile. If your site doesn’t look and feel good on a mobile device, then you’re leaving money on the table.

If you’re in the process of building your store, build it for mobile-first.

From the images you use, buttons, forms, etc.… If it doesn’t look good on a mobile, it will not look good to your customers.

Product Quality & Packaging

product quality and packaging

If you’re dropshipping, start with Aliexpress, don’t stick to it.

Once you start generating sales for a product consistently, move to an app like CJ dropshipping. 

Getting more than 10 orders per day? Find a private fulfillment agent who will inspect the product and ship it for your customers using the fastest shipping couriers out there.

If you can reduce the shipping speed even by a day or two. It really makes a big impact. It also eases your customer service headaches.

More than 30 orders per day? Bulk buy the product and ship it to a fulfillment agent/warehouse in your customer’s country and fulfill it from there. 

If you sell your own product or sell private label items, Invest some money and time into your packaging. First impression and creating an unboxing experience for your customers pays big time in the long run.

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Building Your Team

Your team to building a successfull eCommerce business

Build systems first, and then build your team. For some things, you need outside professional help. For others, you need to build a system first and then delegate it to someone else.

They don’t have to be a professional. For example, for tasks like accounting, and Marketing You Might Need Outside Professional Help.

But for things like customer support, order fulfillment, product research, etc… First, do it yourself and build your systems. Once you have a solid system in place, find reliable people who can follow your created systems. 

This can be someone from your family, friends, or someone from the other side of the world who would do it for you for a low fee on a platform like Fiverr or Upwork.

Final Thoughts

No Business is built overnight. If it is, then it might just take another night for it to fall off.

My best piece of advice to you will be, for the first 6 – 12 months launching your eCommerce business, work on these things we discussed. Once your business is systemized and streamlined, Then expand!

That’s all for this post. We discussed all the important things that a high 5-6 figure eCommerce store is built on. Did I miss anything? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments. 

If you have any questions, I will be waiting for you in the comments section below.

Happy Selling, Everyone 🙂

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