15 Best Marketplaces and Brokers to Sell Your eCommerce Business

15 places to sell your ecommerce business

At some point, every entrepreneur has an exit plan. Be it acquisition, IPO, or delegating your role to someone. Getting yourself out of something that you have built lets you go out and explore other ideas you may have as an entrepreneur. For an eCommerce business owner, an easy exit plan is to sell their […]

What it Takes to Build a 6 Figure eCommerce Business

what it takes to build a 6 figure ecommerce business - kandycookie

Launching an eCommerce Business is easier than ever, but building it into a 6 figure business takes time, commitment, and systems. Most of all, it needs proper planning and a solid business strategy. Many factors determine a store’s success—most of those changes from business to business and industry to industry.  But only a few of […]