5 Ways to Fix Low Customer Feedback Score on Facebook

5 ways to fix low customer feedback score on facebook

Customer feedback score, AKA Facebook Page Quality score, is a metric Facebook uses to know the quality of products advertised/sold through their platform.

If you have an eCommerce business and advertise through Facebook or any of its partner apps, Chances are Facebook is surveying your customers without you knowing it.

Feedback from customers is crucial to any business. Whether you sell online or offline, Hearing from your customers and improving is what makes or breaks a business. When it comes to Selling through Facebook, it is more important than anything else.

A poor feedback score on Facebook can lead to a complete shutdown of your eCommerce business if your only source of customer acquisition is via Facebook ads. Just like it happened to one of our eCommerce partners/clients.

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What is Facebook Customer Feedback Score and Why it Matters?


high customer feedback score

Facebook sends a survey to your customer a few weeks after they purchase your product. The goal of this survey is to upgrade the ad experience on their platform. With the rise of store owners who dropship poor quality products, it makes total sense for them to review the businesses who use their platform to sell those products.

The customer feedback score is an important stat that updates every week. As an eCommerce business owner, you should keep a close eye on it.

Customer feedback score is given out of 5 in which 4-5 means good, 3-4 means average, 2-3 is low or needs improvement, 1-2 gets you a penalty, and under 1 ends the show with your ability to advertise on Facebook being restricted.

What Determines Your Customer Feedback Score and How to Improve it.

As a rule of thumb, Facebook clearly states what it looks for in a business when selling online. 

If your business is running any advertisement on Facebook, you need to understand these factors and play by its rule. There are 4 factors Facebook considers before calculating your score.

Customer Support

customer service for better customer feedback score

Customer support is the backbone of any business. So when Facebook sends a survey to your customers asking for feedback, they also ask them about their experience with customer support. 

If the products you send are of great quality, but your customer support is not up to the mark, it obviously leads to negative feedback from your customer.

Delivery Speed

shipping speed for customer feedback score

Gone are the days we have to wait for weeks or even months to get something we ordered online. With the giants like amazon raising the bar when it comes to the shipping time, your customers expect the same or similar delivery time from you.

Even if you can’t do what Amazon does, it’s important for you to clearly communicate how long it will take for them to receive their package. 

No one likes waiting, So you should let your customers know your delivery times before they purchase the product and let them know what’s going on with their order once they have placed the order. You can do so by:

  • Having a Shipping policy page on your store.
  • Clearly mentioning the delivery time on the product page.
  • Sending them Email and/or SMS notifications with shipping updates.

Better Product Quality

better product quality customer feedback score

Unlike local retail shops, Customer doesn’t get to see or experience the product before they purchase. So it’s crucial you deliver a high-quality product or at least what you as a seller promised. 

If they ordered a black t-shirt, send them a black t-shirt. If you promoted a t-shirt made of  100% cotton, then make sure your customers receive a t-shirt that is 100% cotton.

No Surprises unless you’re sending them a gift.

Set Clear Expectations

delivering what you promise for better customer feedback score

Overall, set clear expectations for your customers. No hidden charges, good product quality, colors, and features as described. The package includes everything you promised them that they would receive, good customer support, clear shipping times, and delivery of the package on or before the mentioned date.

Where to Check Your Customer Feedback Score on Facebook

If it’s been a few weeks since you started Making Sales with Facebook or Instagram Ads, Then your score is already available on your business manager. You can check yours by visiting Account Quality / Facebook account / and clicking on the page you used to runs ads.

If it’s not available yet. It means they have not yet collected enough feedback from your customers to give you a score. 

feedback not available yet

It’s always a good idea to check back again in few days so that you can find out how your customers are reacting to your product and services without it being too late.

You will also receive updates and notifications about your customer feedback score via email and on Facebook.

Penalty for Low Customer Feedback Score

low customer feedback score

The Facebook system rates your business with the feedback they receive from their users who are also your customers and reward or punish you accordingly.

4-5 (YOU’RE DOING GOOD) – This is the place your business wants to be. Facebook loves businesses that deliver what they promise. I have heard stories from other Facebook advertisers who said that their CPM (cost per 1000 impression) had gone down when their customer feedback score is within this range (even though I never saw it myself, I still believe in the logic behind this.).

3-4 (IS OKAY OR AVERAGE) – This is the average score given by Facebook. Now you fall into a large pool of fellow Facebook advertisers. It’s an okay score, and life is good at this mark.

2-3 (NEEDS IMPROVEMENT) – If your score is between 2-3, it’s time to make some moves with your business before it is too late.

1-2 (UNDER PENALTY) – This is the time it hits hard. Your ads are now under penalty. Which means it is going to cost you more to reach the same amount of people. You will have a high CPM which will result in a high cost to acquire a customer. In other words, your cost per purchase is going to go up.

Less than 2 for pages less than a year old – You get a restriction from advertising on Facebook.

0-1 (RESTRICTED) – The Feedback score is very low, and your business is now restricted from Advertising on Facebook. Don’t lose hope just yet. Reading this post fully might help you.

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5 Hacks & Fix to Deal with Low Customer Feedback Score

It’s common for businesses to face this problem. If you’re facing an advertising restriction on your Facebook account, then the only way to truly recover that account and page is by submitting an appeal. 

We will talk about submitting an appeal/review to Facebook in the next section. But, before that, let’s go over 6 Hacks & Fix you can use to prevent and/or continue running ads even after you got restricted from Facebook.

Using Partner Access to Business Manager

requesting access to partner business manager

First things first, it’s important for you to protect your personal advertising account from getting restricted on Facebook. 

This advice is from my personal experience. If you’re an advertiser who works with other businesses to run their Facebook advertising campaign, always make sure you follow this when you onboard new clients.

The way it works is simple. First, you join your business as an outsider to run your advertising campaign. This way, you and your business are two separate entities. As a result, an advertising restriction to you or your business won’t affect each other.

To do this:

  1. Create your business Facebook business manager under someone else you trust.
  2. Create a separate business manager for yourself.
  3. Request access to your business manager as a partner from your personal business manager. You can do so by going to Business Settings and clicking on “Add a new partner and request asset to work on their behalf.”

Set Your Delivery Time

set delivery speed on account quality

You can let Facebook know about your delivery speed beforehand so that they won’t send surveys to your customers until your delivery time has passed.

  1. You can set your delivery speed by going to Account Quality. 
  2. Click on “Facebook account” from the left menu.
  3. Click on the page you use to run ads.
  4. And click on “Set Delivery Speed” to set your delivery time.

Using a non eCommerce Page & Using Custom Events

non ecommerce page on facebook

Facebook customer feedback scores are for eCommerce business pages. What if you run ads from a non eCommerce page? 

This is not a permanent solution. Instead, it’s a hack that will save your business for some time until you look into other solutions.

  1. Start running ads from a theme page in your niche which is older than 1 year old. 
  2. Go to Account Quality and click on the theme page you’re going to start running ads from.
  3. See if that page has been marked as an eCommerce page.
  4. If Yes, request a review.
  5. No, You’re all set to start running ads.

If you’re going to do this, then it’s better if you set custom conversion events to track your purchases. Sending a “Value” to your Facebook pixel will get your page marked as an eCommerce page, thus getting you a feedback score.

Send a Custom Link to Happy Customers

Start sending custom feedback links to your customers. You can send them a custom link to leave a review for both your Page and Your Ad. While this doesn’t impact your customer feedback score directly, it has some impact on it to some extent.

To collect feedbacks for your page, request your customers to visit your page on Facebook and submit feedback on the “Reviews/Feedback” tab.

To collect feedback for your ad, request your customers to visit Ads Activity and click on your ad’s leave feedback button.

Make sure you only request your happy customers to leave a review. Otherwise, you will be buying your problems with your own money.

Use Multiple Influencer Pages

Get access to partner influencer pages or theme pages in your niche. If you don’t have any of these pages yourself, then you might have to pay a fee to these page owners to give you advertising access to start running your ads.

Have these pages lined up and run ads via multiple pages. Try to balance your feedback score above 3 or at least 2 across all your pages. 

If the customer feedback score doesn’t look good, pause the ads running for that page until it gets back over our target score. 

Try to divide the weight into as many shoulders as you can.

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How to Appeal if You got Restricted from Advertising on Facebook

You got only three shots to convince the Facebook team to reinstate advertising for your page.

So include as much information and documents as possible to prove that you have sorted the issues that got you a low feedback score. 

Here is a review request template from John Kubica you can use.

appeal template for low customer feedback score

Final Thoughts

Even if you sell high-quality products, provide awesome customer support, and deliver your packages in lighting fast, There will be customers who still complain. It’s not your fault; it’s part of the game. This is how this industry works.

If you’re a new business that recently started running ads on Facebook, you need to understand how this feedback score thing on Facebook works and take necessary precautions to stay on the safe side.

Suppose you have a business restricted from advertising due to a low customer feedback score on Facebook. Then it’s time to prepare yourself to submit a review or consider the hacks we mentioned above to continue running ads.

This post came from my experience and research. A few of the hacks and fixes mentioned here are personally tried/used by me. Others came from my research from trusted sources.

If you have any other solutions to deal with low customer feedback scores. Please share them with others in the comments section below. Also, if you have any questions, Feel free to ask them in the comments.

Happy Selling 🙂

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