How to Optimize Your Shopify Store for High Conversion

optimize your shopify store for conversion

Merchants spend a lot of time and money creating their store and finding products to sell, But they often fail to optimize their Shopify store for high conversion. 

Before you take out your credit card and start scheduling Facebook ads for your ecommerce business, Make sure your Shopify store is optimized for high conversion and that you won’t be leaving any money on the table.

In this post, we will walk you through everything that influences your stores’ conversion rate. From choosing the suitable theme, must-have apps, and a detailed checklist to optimize your store for high conversion. 

This Post will be your Ultimate Shopify store optimization guide.

Table of Contents

The Best Shopify Themes to Improve Conversion

The first step to building a highly optimized Shopify store is choosing the right theme. The theme you choose should be fast, mobile-optimized, support third-party integration, easily customizable, optimized for SEO, and should be optimized for conversion.

Most Shopify themes are developed for specific industries, and some are just developed to look good. 

So we handpicked four Shopify themes developed for performance, conversion, and works for all industries. All for an affordable price: Free.

Brooklyn (Free Theme)

brooklyn shopify themen - optimize your shopify store for conversion

This theme is my first choice to develop a store with a limited budget. Brooklyn is developed by Shopify in-house and supports deep levels of customization. 

Since this is developed by the Shopify expert team, it is optimized for performance, conversion, and mobile responsiveness without any customization in the first place.

While Shopify lists this as a theme for apparel businesses, Brooklyn works excellent for all kinds of businesses across industries.

Debut (Free Theme)

debut shopify theme - optimize your shopify store for conversion

Another Free theme made by Shopify themselves. Debut is the default theme installed and activated in your store when you first signed to Shopify.

Debut is a simple, lightweight theme made for general ecommerce businesses. But don’t let its simplicity fool you; It is super fast. And with some customization, it will be a perfect choice for any niche.

Because of its uncomplicated structure, it is an excellent choice if you’re going to focus heavily on SEO. Debut is also mobile optimized. Many 6 figure Shopify stores still run with this theme.

Supply (Free Theme)

Supply shopify theme - optimize your shopify store for conversion

The last free theme in this list. Supply is an excellent choice if you have an extensive collection of products. This is also developed by Shopify with conversion and performance in mind.

Supply made this list as the third-best free Shopify theme because, With some customization, this can be your theme tailor-made for your business.

Booster (Paid Theme)

the most advanced shopify booster theme

Booster is a paid theme. I know what you’re thinking; why do I even need a paid theme when Shopify has a fantastic collection of free themes like those listed above?

If you’re going to use a free theme, you probably have to invest in other third-party apps to add the missing features required for high conversion.

And the free themes are no plug-and-play. Like we have discussed, it needs to be customized and tweaked for your business.

This is where the Booster theme comes in. it gives you the performance, responsiveness, and SEO advantage like the free Shopify-built themes. On top of that, it adds all the missing features you need to create a highly profitable ecommerce business.

booster saves $3000 in app fees

Experts say that Booster saves them around $3000 in yearly Shopify App fees by building all those features inside the theme. Some of those features are:

  • Countdown Timer
  • Other Urgency/Scarcity Features Like “number of stocks available.”
  • Smart Lookbook
  • Facebook Messenger chat.
  • Direct to Checkout
  • Free + Shopping Optimized.
  • Sales Notifications.
  • Products Upsells and Cross-sells
  • Recently Seen products.
  • Personalized Product Bundle
  • Related Products
  • Smart Menu
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Currency Converter etc.…


And on top of these features, it is also optimized for SEO and has a google page speed score of 91, which is above average for an eCommerce store.

booster the fastest shopify theme - optimize your shopify store for high conversion

Like mentioned, Booster is a paid theme. But if you have your budget, this is everything you need to build a highly converting and branded Shopify store.


Must-Have Shopify Apps to Improve Conversion 

Now we know what to look for when choosing a theme and the best options you have. It’s time to list down the must-have apps now.

No, we will not talk about the Shopify apps that might or might not improve your conversion. Instead, we will list down the Apps you need on your Shopify store from day one. 

The Apps/Features which has a direct influence on your conversions and profits.


loox shopy app to collect reviews

Customer Feedback or Social Proof is vital for any business. Whether you sell online or offline, Your customers like to hear from fellow shoppers before making their purchase decisions.

Loox is one of those apps that lets you collect and display reviews on your store. In fact, Loox is the best app that does this job really well.

If you’re launching your business, then Loox won’t do much good for you now. But installing Loox and setting up automated email review requests will both improve your conversions and bring back existing customers once you start getting few sales.

Abundant Cart Email Remarketing

klaviyo abundant cart recovery

Abundant Cart Recovery email sequence is something you have to set up before spending any money on marketing. 

According to research, in 2019, 69.7% of the carts are abundant online. Unfortunately, this means only 30% of the people who add products to the cart end up purchasing them. 

The rest are your lost customers who are just a couple of steps away from paying you.

This is why Abdundant cart remarketing is so powerful and recommended. What if you can bring back those lost customers without spending any more money on ads? Well, you need an App like Klaviyo or Abandonment Protector for this.

SMS Bump (Abundant cart SMS Remarketing)

sms bump email remarketing

SMS Bump Abundanct cart remarketing is something that you need to add to your remarketing strategy in addition to email remarketing. 

Just like Email, SMS Bump helps you set up Abundant cart recovery sequences via text messages. 

We all know how powerful email remarketing is; SMS remarketing is twice powerful as email.

Again this is another automation you have set up in your Shopify store from day one to increase conversions. 

Booster Discounted Pricing(Pre-Purchase Upsell) 

booster discounted pricing increases shopify conversion

You’re already spending your time and money to bring in traffic to your online store. So why not make most of it?

Bundle sell or Upsell is a way of selling more to a customer who already wants to buy from you. So you can increase the return on investment you spent to acquire that customer. 

In addition to increasing the average order value, A product bundle app like Booster Discount Pricing also increases your conversion rate. 

How? What you do when someone says that you can buy 3 for the price of 2? You Buy!

Reconvert (Post-Purchase Upsell)

reconvert post purchase upsell shopify app

You have won the battle by converting a regular store visitor to a customer. Post-purchase Upsells lets you make the most from a customer who already gave you their payment details. 

Now all you have to do is show them a fantastic product or an offer to click and buy. They don’t have to type their payment details again.

Reconvert lets you completely customize your thank you page with product recommendations and offers. 

Post Purchase upsells are not something that will increase your conversion rate. Instead, it increases the average order value.

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Shopify Store Conversion Rate Optimization Checklist

Ecommerce conversion rate optimization is more than choosing the right theme and apps for your store. 

As an eCommerce platform, Shopify is already optimized for conversion to some extent. But that isn’t enough for us with the increasing marketing costs.

The average conversion rate for a Shopify store is around 2% (It might slightly change for different industries). But it doesn’t mean we can’t get a 4-6% conversion rate. 

Our goal with this Shopify store optimization checklist is to push the boundaries and make your store 100% ready for marketing.

Page Load

Data says that an ecommerce business loses 25% of the traffic if it takes more than 4 seconds to load. The bounce rate jumps to 70% for stores taking more than 10 seconds to load. That is almost ¾ of your site visitors.

Also, Page Load speed plays an important role in your SEO. So if you’re a Shopify store that focuses mainly on SEO, Improving your Page Load Speed is more important to you than anything else.

How to Improve Shopify Load Speed

With Shopify, improving the load speed is easier than self-hosted stores. You can speed up your store by

  • Using lightweight, well-structured themes (Like the ones we recommended above).
  • Installing only the required Apps.
  • Minimizing the size of your images and videos before uploading.


Main Menu

The main navigation menu should have all the important links, and it should be visible all the time. Consider linking to Best Sellers, Shipping Policy, contact us, order tracking, and any other important pages that will help visitors take that buying decision.


This is the last thing a customer sees when scrolling through your store. So consider adding information about your store and some quick navigation links so that you can keep the visitor on your store for a little longer than they intend to stay.

The more time they stay with you, the more likely they will end up purchasing from you.

Important Pages

There are some important pages an eCommerce store requires before going live. These pages will increase trust, improve conversion, and also will protect you legally. Some important pages are:

  • Privacy Policy Page
  • Terms and Conditions Page
  • Shipping Policy Page
  • Refund Policy Page
  • Order Tracking Page
  • About us Page
  • Contact us Page


Banner Image & Favicon

You have 3  seconds to let your customer know who you are, what you do, how to contact you, and how to move to the next step. Your navigation + banner should convey these messages to your customer within 3 seconds.

Also, a Favicon adds more trust to your store and helps build that brand image.

Home Page Design

Although this is not very important, I would still recommend you design the homepage to make it look more attractive. 

If you’re driving traffic directly to your homepage instead of a product page, then consider your homepage as a sales page and optimize it accordingly.

Product Description

This is where you convince your potential customers to buy from you. Spend 15 minutes writing your product description. Add as much info about the product as possible (include features, specs, the package includes, how to use, etc..) 

This is the place to show your sales and copywriting skills.

Building Trust

Building Trust is more than having an attractive Logo and a fancy banner. This optimization has to be done from the moment a customer sees your ad to post-purchase customer support.

Learn more about building trust for your eCommerce business in this post What it Takes to Build a 6 Figure eCommerce Business.

Scarcity & Call to Action

Adding scarcity and having a clear Call to Action is something that will instantly improve your conversion rates. 

People are scared of missing out. It can be a great deal or an awesome product running out of stocks. Adding scarcities to your stores like a discount countdown timer going down, a bar showing the number of items left in stock, and a limited-time offer entice your customers to buy.

When they decide, all they want is a “Buy Now” button to click and buy. So make your Call to Action button big and use attractive colors.

Also, consider sticking the ADD TO CART button to the screen on mobile devices so your customer won’t lose it when scrolling down.

Upsell & Cross-Sell

This doesn’t need a second introduction. We have already discussed the importance of setting up upsells and cross-sells to increase the conversion and the Apps that will help us achieve it above.

Discounts & Email Templates

The secret to closing high ticket sales starts with a small commitment.

Have you seen marketers giving you free stuff in exchange for your email? Have you seen someone selling a $7 product before showing them their main product, which costs $997? Ever wondered why?

All those are for making someone take a small step towards a big deal. The same goes for collecting emails for your eCommerce store. 

Give them discounts in exchange for their email. Once they have their discount code, they are more likely to buy something from you.

Also, since they already made a step by giving you their details. Converting them to paying customers is just a shot away.

Even if they don’t convert immediately, you will always have their email to reach out with other offers and products without spending more money on marketing.

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Final Thoughts

Hunting for more doesn’t make sense when you haven’t finished what you already have. 

Similarly, spending money and time driving more traffic to your store is not a good business move if you don’t make the most out of your current traffic.

Now that you have some ideas about optimizing your Shopify store for high conversion. It’s time to put everything to use. 

I know there is a lot to tick before launching your store. If you just want to bootstrap, consider investing in a theme like BOOSTER. It comes with everything you need to build a highly converting eCommerce store. Also, you can save around $3000 in App fees just by switching the theme.

Do you have any more questions about optimizing your Shopify store for high conversion? I will be waiting for you in the comments section below.

Happy Selling, Everyone 🙂

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